Pentland Hills 25th Anniversary Simultaneous
display, by Keti Arakhamia-Grant, 24 May 2011
Of the 25 games Grandmaster Keti Arakhamia-Grant played at Pentland Hills Chess Club in Loanhead in her simul  on 24th May 2011,  Keti conceded just four draws.  She won the other 21 games in an impressive display lasting just over five hours!  Her cool and courteous manner was a delight and all those who took part were delighted with the event.  The four players achieving draws were Gordon Davies and Mike Thompson (both Pentland Hills), Olav Lange (Lasswade) and Graeme Russell (Bank of Scotland).  Keti found it difficult to choose one best game as there were a lot of very interesting games played with fighting chess.  Keti eventually chose her game against John Hutchinson (Lasswade); this game stood out as the game she was most close to losing, due to  unnecessarily sacrificing the exchange in the middle game, thus allowing John to build up a considerable advantage. Only towards the end was Keti able to create powerful counterplay and her knight turned out to be superior to John’s rook.  This was the last game to finish, well after midnight.  So well done John!