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CONSTITUTION, continued      First part is HERE


11 Any four members may request the Committee to hold a Special General Meeting. The request must be sent to the Secretary in writing and must contain the reasons for wanting the Committee to call such a meeting, but the calling of such a meeting shall be at the discretion of the Committee. Written requests may be by letter or e-mail.

12 The Secretary shall give not less than ten days notice in writing to each member of the date of the Annual General Meeting. Written notification may be by letter or e-mail; the Secretary shall give not less than fourteen days notice in writing to each member of the date fixed for a Special General Meeting, such notice to indicate the business to be transacted at the Special General Meeting. No other business shall be competent at a Special General Meeting. Written notification may be by letter or e-mail.

13 All members are entitled to attend Annual or Special General Meetings. Only Full or Concessionary members are entitled to vote at such meetings.

14 The subscription fees for the forthcoming season shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting.

15 All applications for admission to the club should be directed to the Secretary. The Committee reserves the right to refuse entry.

16 All fees due for the new season must be paid by the end of October. Members who fail to renew their subscriptions will cease to be members of the club. The fee for members joining after Christmas will be set by the Treasurer.

17 The Committee shall have the power to levy from members during the season such additional sums considered necessary for the proper running of the Club.

18 The Secretary shall keep minutes of the Annual General Meeting, Special General Meeting and Committee meetings. The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts.

19 Amendments to the Constitution may be made at any Annual or Special General Meeting of the Club, provided that notice in writing of any proposed amendment has been given to the Secretary not less than twenty-one days before any such meeting.

20 All complaints for the consideration of the Committee shall be made in writing to the Secretary.

21 If, for any reason, the Club ceases to exist, the Club equipment shall be donated to Chess Scotland and any monies shall be donated to Chess Edinburgh.

22 Each member introducing a visitor is responsible for their guest's conduct whilst in the Club's premises

23 The Committee for the time being shall frame such rules as they deem necessary for the proper running of the Club.

24 The rules of the Club shall be binding on every member and every entrant shall be held as subscribing and adhering to them and shall not be entitled to plead any exception there against. A copy of the Constitution is available from the Secretary on request, and members may not plead ignorance of the rules therein as an excuse.

25 The Club shall undertake no responsibility for any personal articles taken into or left on the Club's premises.

26 Unless otherwise provided for in the Club's competition rules, all competitions shall be played under the laws of the games as adopted by Chess Scotland.

Notes: The Club was inaugurated on 5th June 1985.; 2 The Founder Members were: A.F.Heavens, Secretary. 23 Crusader Drive, ROSLIN EH25 9NJ, T.E.Purkins, President. 1 Penicuik Road, ROSLIN EH25 9LJ, R.G.Fenoulhet, Treasurer. 7 Greenend Gardens, EDINBURGH EH17 7QF